A 100% free tool for Texans to find their cheapest electricity plan

Stop paying too much for the wrong Texas electricity plan or paying a service to match you. This free tool allows you to enter your real historical usage and shows you what you would expect to pay across all Texas electricity provider plans available in your ZIP code. If you don't know your usage you can visit SmartMeterTexas.com and get a free usage report.

How do we calculate the best plan?

Texas residential energy providers are required to provide information on their plans which is available through an API. This site calls the API and calculates a series of linear progressions and regressions to find the killowatt per hour cost for each plan at each usage. Then, using your historical usage for each month, it sorts the plans based on the lowest total cost overall. There may be special terms or minimum usage requirements that this application cannot account for and you should always check each plan's data sheet before deciding on the right plan for you.

Why is this tool better than others?

Most services only take into account your total average usage. This is a problem, especially in Texas, where energy usage can fluctuate wildly from winter to summer. This issue is further compounded with plans that have special rates or terms for different ranges of usage. By using linear progressions and regressions to caluclate cost month-to-month, this application provides the most accurate results possible given the information availible online short of manual data entry or pdf scraping.

Are my results accurate?

Unfortunately, providers are only required to submit a data sheet (linked in your result) and an estimate for the cost per kWh of use for 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh intervals. These estimates are also not required to take into account delivery fees or taxes. As with any plan you are considering, you should check the data sheet and make sure those potential additional costs are taken into account before committing to any plan.